Cinzeiro Político

Urban Intervention

​​​​​​​We had two problems: to clean the streets from cigarrete butters and aware the population about brazilian corrupt politicians.
To resolve this problems, we created the Cinzeiro Político (Poloticians Ashtray). A plate as a ashtray with photos of some brazilian politicians that were sentenced to prison because of corruption and some information about ther crimes.

Creatives: Rafael Ochoa, Marcos Botelho, Gabriel Barbério, Caio Murature
A.D.: Rafael Ochoa
C.W.: Marcos Botelho
Designers: Rafael Ochoa, Pedro Bauer, Nicholas Zugaib, Tomás Susemihl
Producer: WAVE Project
Producer: Rafael Ochoa, Nicholas Zugaib, Tomás Susemihl, Pedro Bauer
Edition: Nicholas Zugaib
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